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Poolish Baguette


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Poolish Baguette

The simplest breads are the most difficult to make as Hamelman said in a side note in his book. I couldn't agree more. It is one bread I have yet to master. I have yet to make the slim long loaf pleasing to the eye and today's bake was no better than those that I had made in the past. My intention for making these today was to practice slashing them but the warm weather made them proof a little too fast.

Today was a really hot day and trying to control the dough temperature correctly was challenging. To make matters worse, the wife is boiling a pot-full of herbal tea for my son. This made the kitchen really warm. It has made me reconsider getting a wine cooler for use as a proofer/retarder.

My dough was enough for 7 loaves of the baguette but realized that my oven can accommodate only 5 comfortably. After struggling to fit in 6, I dropped the seventh onto the floor while trying to load it into the oven.

Anyway, 6 should be more than enough for me. It's difficult to give baguettes away as they have only a 6 hour shelf life. I'll probably give 2 to my mom and have some for dinner. They go really well with chicken curry or better still, Singapore Chili crab.




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