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Pear Bread


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Pear Bread

While buying the herbs for the herbal tea which my wife was making, I spotted some New Zealand Sugar Pear. I had been thinking of baking a Pear Bread after spotting it in the book by Maggie Glezer. However, since I did not have the time to assemble the items required in the recipe, I decided to make up one.

It was a near disaster so I shall not elaborate on the recipe except that it has a little rye, wheat-germ and some mixed fruits with the pears. It will probably be the last time I use such a combination of ingredients. I will get a crumb shot tomorrow after the bread has cooled down. The bread has a fabulous aroma of nutmeg which I used in combination with the pear.


I sliced the bread this morning and the crumb was not as bad as I had feared.



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