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Hamelman whole wheat multigrain bread


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I was at the Swiss Bakerei and saw a delicious looking loaf of multigrain bread. That was enough to inspire me to try making one myself. As I did not want to add any fat to the loaf, I settled for something a little more robust. Hamelman had a 50% wholewheat multigrain recipe and I adapted the recipe with other grains on hand. I only had oats, linseed, sesame and wheat germ and I had to make do. The grains were soaked in boiling water for a couple of hours.

The dough was relatively easy to handle although I was a little distracted by Heroes, showing on the TV at that time. I tried a slash patter inspired by a loaf I spotted in Cedele. I thought it was a nice pattern. The aroma was great and I couldn't wait for morning to eat it with plenty of butter.





















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