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Flour Test


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Flour test

I was asked to test out a flour and since I am looking for flavor improvement, I was quite eager to do it. I had tried it out on a batch of ciabatta and it performed quite well so I was keen to see how sourdough bread will turn out with it. I relied on my usual formula for testing but used a different method for preparing the starter. By the time I came home, the starter looked spent. I baked the breads with a heavy heart because the dough just did not feel right. I thought it was another batch of bricks coming out from the oven but they surprised me. I can't wait to slice it tomorrow morning and spread some homemade peanut butter.

I stopped buying the regular peanut butter as they contained transfats. The traditional type with the oil floating on top costs more than double and after buying a few jars of it, I thought I'd make my own since peanuts cost peanuts, what else? I thought it was ridiculous to pay more than $8 for a jar when I can make a kilo of it for $1.50.





















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