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Flour Test - 100% Whole wheat Atta


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Flour Test - 100% Atta- House Brand

I am taking a break from Baguettes, but not for long as even as I am writing this, there is some homegrown sourdough starter brewing on the kitchen counter. I will be making another batch of sourdough baguettes for more practice.

I was near an Indian grocery store near my work place and popped in to see if they have durum atta. I was not hopeful of getting any because I had never seen it anywhere in this part of the world. Atta is common here as there is a big Indian community here in Singapore. This is great for me as I am a lover of Indian Culture. Indian civilisation is ancient and its wisdom is incomparable in every field. The great Cosmologist Carl Sagan remarked that the only culture that was spot on about the age of the Universe was that of the Indians who gave it a time line of Billions of years old. This is hardly surprising as they also excel in the field of mathematics. Vedic Mathematics was discovered by Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja and is amazing that it allows complicated calculations to be solved by inspection.

Anyway, since the Atta sold there was incredibly inexpensive (US$0.85 for a kilo), I bought a bag to see if it will work for 100%whole-wheat bread. This time round, I made two sourdough Atta whole-wheat loaves with it and they turned out quite well. The Atta was 12% protein and that seems to be regular whole wheat and not Durum. The dough had an overall hydration of 85%. The overall flour weight was 1kg. Oven spring was surprising good.

If the taste turn out good, I'd be happy to have found such a low cost stone-ground Whole-Wheat flour.

The crumb was holey and the flavor was great.








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