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Cranberry Jam with Amaretto


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Cranberry jam with Amaretto

The Kumquat jam was gone in no time. I was in the mood for making more homemade jam and since there was a pack of fresh cranberries in the fridge, I decided to make a batch of the jam. I had used these before to make cranberry tarts which tasted wonderful. 400g of the fresh cranberry was boiled down with 200g of sugar. After they had broken down and thickened, about 25 g of unsalted butter was added. The cranberries had plenty of pectin, so there was no need to add products from Chemical Ali :). I try to avoid processed food products as far as I can. So I'll never dream of adding vital gluten, bread improvers, coloring and artificial flavoring in my homemade stuff.

When the jam has cooled, a tablespoon of Amaretto was added. The flavor of almonds complemented the slightly tart cranberries well.




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