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  Cranberry Pumpkin Take 2


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Pumpkin Cranberry Take 2

I got hold of a bag of organic pumpkin seeds recently and since I have to clear fridge inventory quickly, I decided to do a pumpkin cranberry loaf. This time round, I decided to return to baking on a stone as I felt a little dis-satisfied with some of the bread baked in a cold oven. Al Gore would have been displeased with me but I decided that my psychological well-being was more important. The past few batches of bread were simply depressing, so much so that I couldn't be bothered to document them.

The formula for this batch included a quarter of organic whole-wheat which I decided to use up asap. I made my preferment a little stiffer. In the past, I had been using wetter pre-ferments but thinking about it made me realize the benefits of a stiffer pre-ferment.

The seeds and fruit was about 25%.


















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