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Cranberry Walnut Bread


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Cranberry Walnut Bread

I tried replicating the walnut raisin loaf from Fresh Bakery in HDB Hub. Unfortunately, the bakery is no more. Since I can only guess the contents of the bread, I made up a recipe for this bread. For a first try, I'd say it was quite close although the next time round, I'd probably adjust some of the proportions. My family does not share my love of raisins and I had to substitute with cranberries. Otherwise, the table will be littered with raisins dug out from the crumb.

I'd like to do this bread again since I over-baked the breads in a moment of carelessness. I happened to chance on a TV program featuring Werner's Oven. It was really interesting because I had a chance to see how they made their Muesli Loaf. I used to buy a few of these every week-end. At that time, they had their outlet in Bedok and we'd be at their outlet on Saturday mornings for breakfast. Werner would be there having breakfast and he'd look up occasionally to chat with us. Their cafe has a cozy family like setting. In a way, I missed having breakfast there. Maybe for my next project, I'd attempt their Muesli Bread for old times sake.






















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