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Emergency Cranberry Loaf


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It was 7.30pm and my wife asked me if there was any bread for breakfast the next day. That question jolted me into action and I dumped 20oz of flour into the mixing bowl, added 66% milk, some left over sour cream from my wife's own baking adventures and some malt powder. To be a little bit more precise, some of the above ingredients were added after the autolyse.  I added some butter, salt and 25% cranberries and for a change, I decided to use the Kitchen Aid mixer because I had to rush out to the neighbourhood mall to get some stuff for my wife.

After the usual rounds of dough manipulation, the loaf was put into the oven 4 hours later. When I was done, it was already 1.00am. That's the beauty of baking bread at home, you are never short of it.

The loaf was baked at 175 deg C for 30min.




















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