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!Guild News! Important!!!
Guild news!! We are have a game show!!! Enter one of your neopets at Guild News

Contest #1
Well try to win this on. Ok Go to our news paper cause there is a big game show.The big game show directions are in the guild news paper. Check it out!
OK. Kagome_girl_101 won!!!!
Ok Contest #2
Ok this layout i made you must right a story about.The stories time should be before after and current. So type what happened before this pic.,after and current. Now i want a good story out of you guys. This contest is expired by the 30th ok. Type this story in messages. And also dont forget the game show!!!
Remember to go in the game show neomail me what team you want to be on (team A or B) And tell me one pet that you have that you want to enter. I need people to join!!
Also notice that you must put your b-day on the guild calender.
Lasly I would Like to give a big thanks to LLBBKID717 for making this wonderful layout. Everyone say thax!!!!!