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Vice Cooler Interview:

AngelDeath: So when did you start the band?

Vice Cooler: When I was a teenager... It doesn't seem like that long ago but it totally has been!

AD: How do you find time, or priority, since you are involved with so many bands and art projects?

VC: Well I like to keep busy! I currently don't have a job outside of music, photography and writing. So I have been pretty lucky. I usually never feel like I am balancing too much and most of the time feel blessed that I have the oppotunity to "take the stick and run with it". I'm actually more worried about when everything will stop, opposed to stressing out about how many things take up my time!

AD: XBXRX and Hawnay Troof are totally different.

VC: Yup.

AD: What are you influenced the most by?

VC: Life in general... or inspirations... me, shirley and Ana Da Silva were recentally talking about this- about how an artist can be influenced by a thing or band but have no referance to the picture or sound. Sometimes influence can be based more on an emotion or suttlety (sp?) or perhaps even a color of something...

AD: I read that Lauryn Hill was a fan of the band?

VC: I "heard" so too. We played in New York two years ago (one of the last times we actually played there.. woah!) at the Knitting Factory. She showed up right before we played and left shortly after. I was backstage when I was finished and was standing beside this woman who looked unhuman! I was like "whos this crazy woman with this huge fro!". I walked downstairs and everyone was like "Oh my god! Lauryn Hill showed up to see you play!!!"

AD: And What about Sonic Youth?

VC: They are super amazing, nice people. One of the best tours we have ever been on. They treat people so well and with so much respect. It's pretty amazing!

AD: Didn't Sonic youth play at your birthday party?

VC: Not Sonic Youth, but kim and thurstons band Mirror Dash. And a lot of bands played. It was a really fun night!

AD: Don't you know Peaches too?

VC: Yes I do. She is also amazing. See Sonic Youth answer and you can pretty much paste that same thing here. I have tremendous respect for her.

AD: Is your real name Christiana Vicent Richards?

VC: I was born that but it was later changed to Touchstone.

AD: Any advice for our readers?

VC: Listen to Man Or Astroman.

AD: Cool Thanks!
VC: Thank you.