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Aberdeen Malaysian Indian Student Club

AMISC club started 2 years ago initially with 10 members. Although the club started with a small number of members it grew rapidly under the leadership qualities of its founder and first president, Dr.Sethuraman Muthuraman who now works for a BT Research Centre at London. As Dr. Sethuraman left the club to pursue his career in London, the club elected Mr. Ganesan Bathumalai, a PHD scholar who is now the current president for the AMISC.

As it stands now, the club has more than 40 members. Although AMISC stands for Aberdeen Malaysian Indian Student Club, it maintains a commitment to practice an open door policy inviting students of other ethnic origin to join the club. This provides a healthy environment for students to network with one another and creates a fusion of culture. The club has organized various successful events of social, cultural and spiritual nature such as Diwali Nite, Freshers Week, New Year Function, Thaipusam London Visit, Saraswathy Pooja, 5ASide Football, His Holiness Shri Sri Ravi Shankar's Scotland Visit and the prestigious annual Awards and Appreciation Nite.

Apart from the above, the club also takes part in welfare service programmes. One such programme is the Global Initiative For Transformation (GIFT) project, which involved 20 of our members working in collaboration with the ASDA supermarket in Garthdee to raise funds for famine hit third world countries.

Furthermore the club has received numerous recognitions from the local community and the University for its effort and efficiency in organizing such events. The club's greatest achievement yet is to have our prestigious Awards Nite being recognised and commended by students outside Scotland such as in Newcastle, London and Manchester.

AMISC aims & objective

To promote the rich and diverse Malaysian and Indian culture to the local community and other races in Aberdeen.

To look after the welfare of the club's members iregardless of their ethnic origin in the Robert Gordon University

To provide information and guidance for young Indians and Malaysians who come to study in Aberdeen

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