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Diana DeGarmo

Diana Nicole DeGarmo

Age: 17
Birthday: June 16th, 1987
Born in: Brimingham, Alabama
Music Inspirations: Celine Dion and Patsy Cline
Collects: Stars and Leopard Print Stuff
Named After: Princess Diana
School: Shiloh High
Favorite Colors: Pink and Black
Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu & Key Lime Pie
Pet Dogs: Rosie and Dixie
Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: Mexican/Italian
Audition City: Hawaii
First Concert: TLC and Pink
Last Concert: 3 Doors Down
(New) The jacket Diana wore during her I've Got The
Music In Me performance is one of her favorite jackets.

(New) Diana likes to wake up early and run on a
treadmill for 30 minutes.

(New) Diana's album Blue Skies sold 46,795 in the
first week sales.

(New) Diana was nominated for the "Top Selling Single
of the Year" award by The 2004 Billboard Music Awards.

(New) Diana's debut album Blue Skies was released on
December 7th, 2004.

(New) Diana performed a medley of popular Disney songs
at the 21st annual Walt Disney World Chrstmas Day Parade.

(New) Diana's favorite song on her album is Emotional.
She says, "I really love "Emotional" the first single.
I belt that one out in the cat."

Diana's single reached #1 on Amazon's charts during
the pre-sales, and sold 64,730 copies the first week.

Her single debuted at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100,
and #2 on the Billboard Single Sales Chart.

Diana is obsessed with cars, and loves NASCAR.

Diana's favorite NASCAR racers are Jeff Gordon and
Dale Earnhardt Jr. She said "I love them both, even
though theyíre completely different."

When Diana Audtioned for American Idol, her audition
number was 49094.

Diana won the title of Miss Teen Georgia 2002.

Diana also participated in Miss Teen Georgia 2003.

Diana always carries a travel toothbrush, Betty Boop
wallet and lip gloss in her purse.

Diana says that she is a chapstick freak. She has
around 50 of them.

Diana's only sibling is her brother, who is around 11
years older than her, and also serves in the marines.

Diana's brother also has a daughter, which makes Diana an aunt.

When it comes to hair products, Diana loves all of
Avenda's products.

Diana describes her fashion style as young, funky and
chic. And she's a really big fan of the fashion boutiques.

Whitney Crawford is the name of one of Diana's friend
that she has known for a very long time.

Diana is known as "The National Anthem Girl", because
she sings it at many sports events at her school

Diana owns about 300 pairs of shoes, and she has one
entire suitcase just devoted to shoes when she travels.

Diana was a contestant on NBC's "America's Most
Talented Kid" in 2003. She made it all the way to the
finals, but ended up losing to some other kid I can't recall.

Diana likes to go out with her friends to different
teen clubs, the bolwling alley, the movies and Stone
Mountain Park.

Diana got to meet Celine Dion on her 16th birthday in
Las Vegas.