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The guild website has been launched and here it is! Obviously still under construction, but ill continue to work at it. If any of the links are jumbled or just dont work let me know via email, also if you have any ideas or substance to add to improve the site send another emeial. Once the site is finished ill be doing a "Guild Update" every week on sunday to give everyone an idea on whats happening and going to happen in game. Once every month ill do a site clean up and try to add in anything ive been given.

Guild Update:

Being the first update there is much to cover. First off, for those given the ability to recruit members, we arent looking for "anyone". The players that we are looking for skill, maturity and ambition to help build the guild. Team play is the most important part of this guild, if your questing in an area find a guildy, no better way to build a relationship. Be generous with people in our guild, they're in the guild meaning they have qaulities allowing them to be here. Im very sure everyone knows what im getting at, if you log on to WoW, come to play and bring your game thats what this guild wants. Everyone also needs their days off and time for RL, so please abbandon wow, to go to the mall and perruse, or have that special time with loved ones, guild requirements are secondary to RL. Im hoping after reading this you have guild goals in mind. Good Luck Gaming!

Guild Rules

- Play horde, and play it well.
- (3) No Racial or gender based insults in guild chat or over vent.
- (3) No obnoxious smack talk(or extensive swearing) over ventrilo main chat channel, some people probably have childeren in the background.
- (0) Raids will use master loot, but any ninja'ing will result in a guild ban, play fair.
- Fill guild weekly requirements, requirements can be found in the "Guild Bank" page of this site.
- Game active 4/7 (wether you log on to check your mail or finish a dozen quests)
- Have fun.

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