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30/07/2006. We had to get up early to catch opur train to Vienna. Eventually found our hostel after what seemed like a really long walk with our backpacks on. Got sorted and went out to explore. The place looked dead and we just thought it was because it was a sunday night. Then we wandered by the town hall and found that there was this big film festival on and they had lots of different food from all over the was cool. So we stayed there the rest oif the night. They were showing a Mozart film. Just of the orchestra playing his music. It was canny cool really. The setting was really nice with the town hall in the background.(the town hall is this huge church type building.) We got back to our hostel and had a fewe drinks with these Kiwis we had met. And we went on the internet to chech emails etc. Rissa found out that she had got an interview with this law firm called Clifford Chance. Its only the Biggest law firm in the world!! She has a big head now! This is just a pic of me at the film festival in Vienna! Sorry its the wrong way up... dont have the facilities here. And thats the town hall in the background.

31/07/2006. Our second day in Vienna. We went for another walk around the city. We have done so much walking this holiday!! Im knackered. We saw loads of buildings like this one in the picture. Its the parliment building. We looked around all of the shops in the posher end of the city and had a look at a few more churchs. Especially after Italy we are going to have seen soooo many God Damn church´s.......only kidding of course. They are really nice. :) We ended back at the Rathaus (town hall) For some more good food and of course Beer!) There was ballet on tonight. It was Carmen. Again, it was a good night. When we got back we had to try and organise how to get from Croatia to Italy. Eventually sorted it out. It wasnt easy though. We are now getting the train up from Split to Venice. As long as we can get accom organised for Venice that is. Anyway we are going to Budapest in the morning. So looking forward to that.

This is inside one of the churchœ in Vienna. Next stop Budapest!!