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07/08/2006. Nowa thatsa nicea placea!! Arrived in Venice on an overnight train. Was the worst train ride ever. Zero sleep. Walked out of the train station and had our first view of the Grand Canal. Was pretty amazing. Wierd but cool. We saw all of the different boats going by. Like a builder with all of his equipment etc. Then we saw a DHL boat which was pretty funny. Got a bus (boat) to our stop to find our hostel. Couldnt check in till half 1 so just went to see some sights. We walked around some of the cobbled streets. It looks really beautiful and strange at the same time. After we checked in we got a pass for the bus and headed to San Marco square. We passed the Rialto bridge on the way. Was chocka with people but still looked nice. St Marks square was absolutley mental. Wall to wall with people and pigeons. We saw the Basilica and bell tower. Didnt go in because of the queues. We then went to Rialto bridge and found somewhere for tea. I got loads of cool pictures. Rissa had to stop me from taking so many. We were still swaying when we were having our tea because we spent a bit of time on the canal using the bus. Had an early night to catch up on some sleep.

08/08/2006. Got up early and had a lovely brekkie. Layed on by the hostel. Cracker bread and jam...mmmm. Caught a bus to San Marco to try and beat the crowds but they were still there. Went up the Bell Tower as it just opened so there was no queue. Amazing views over the city. Rissa got some bird food and fed the pigeons, was funny, they were all over her. Got the bus to St Giorgio(a plain but nice church) then got the bus back to our hostel the back way. Was strange coming throught the port passing all the huge ferries. Went back to Rialto for some pics. Went to Lido, an strip of land that seperates Venice from the Adriatic. Had a nice beach. Venice is really nice. Next stop Florence.

Rissa feeding the pigeons.

Us at Rialto bridge