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St Tropez!

20/08/2006. We got up early to head off to St Tropez. We started off on our trusty little scooter down the coast. We passed through some really beautiful places on the way. Rissa's towel fell off the back of the bike on the way and it got ran over. The traffic got quite busy as we came closer to St Tropez. We had a walk around the harbour area and had some lunch. We then went to find a beach. I had to go go down some windy roads to find them and when we got there we skipped the parking costs by parking on some grass verge at the entrance to the carpark. The beach and bay were really nice but there were loads of private sectioned parts of the beach which spoilt it a bit. We went back to the harbour after a couple of hours sunbathing and had a look around the shops. Then headed up the coast on our 2 and a half hour ride back to Cannes.

The Marina at St Tropez.

The beautiful coastline on the way to St Tropez from Cannes.

Rissa on the harbour wall.