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03/08/2006. Arrived in Split at 7am. Had crap directions for our hostel but found it eventually. Had to drop our bags off and check ion later on. The hostel itself looked ok. Went for a wlk around town. Its a nice little place with a palace which is in ruins and lots of cobbled streets and squares. We got checked into a double room which was cool as we had only booked a dorm. Think they had over booked. We went out to find the beach and found that they are all rocky. Doh. The place is really pretty and looks nice but the beaches are a let down. For us anyway. They arent even shingle they are just stones. We tried to find out about diving for tomorrow or sat but had no luck. Booked a ferry to go to Hvar for tomorrow.

04/08/2006. See Hvar for the 4th!

Inside the old palace walls.

This is a view of Split harbour. Check out the photos on Hvar before you go to Venice. Next stop Venice!