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11/08/2006. Arrived in at about 11am. Our hostel is quite near the station. We went to see some sights....the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish steps. Then we went to see the Colosseum. Looked cool even though they had loads of scafolding up. We wandered through all of the ruins and walked up the the Piazza Navona for tea. Would have been nice but Rissa ate some bread which had ants in it. Ended up getting money knocked off despite the rest of the meal being really nice. Walked back to see the Colosseum at night.

12/08/2006. We got up early to try and beat the crouds at the Vatican. Not early enough though. The queue for the museum was huge so we decided to go into St Peter;s Basilica. The first bit we went into is where they have all of the late Pope's Tombs. Even the last one which was a bit wierd. There were loads of tourists taking pictures and next to them were a couple of nuns praying. We then went into the main church. Its HUGE! Was really Amazing with lots of detailed art work and statues etc. The ceilings are covered in paintings. As churches go its pretty cool! We paid 4 euro and went up the Copula. Basically climbed to the top of the main Dome. The gallery inside was amazing. Thats the balcony bit at the base of where the dome starts. Looking back down into the church was fantastic...its just so big! The views at the top of the dome on the outside are amazing. We looked out onto St Peter's square and could also see the Colosseum in the distance. After the Basilica we went into the museum part, after queueing for about an hour. This is where the Sistine Chapel is. We were hearded through all of the rooms and corridors, which were beautifully decorated, and eventually made it to the chapel. It was packed with people but still looked amazing. You were not supposed to take photos but I managed to get a few sneaky ones in. The whole place was really beautifully decorated. After our busy day we found a really nice chinese for tea and had some drinks back at the hostel. Here is a picture of Rissa and the Colosseum.

13/08/2006. Had a well deserved lie in today. We headed to the Piazza del Popolo. Its a really nice piazza with a couple of shopping streets off it. We did a bit of shopping then found the Pantheon. This Huge building which is randomly stuck in this little square. We walked back along to the Colosseum and down to the Circo Massimo before going back to the hostel. We were good and made our own tea at the hostel. Next stop Milan! This is a picture of us in St Peter's Square with the Basilica in the background.

This is one of my sneeky pictures in the Sistine Chapel. You can see the wall which has the Last Judgement on it.