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28/07/2006. Caught an early train to Prague! Just geting settled in Berlin, learning the language and we are off! It was raining in Prague when we got there but it cleared up. Found our hostel eventually. It only had a plain brown wooden door. No advertising nothing. But the room was nice adn it was in a quaint old traditional building. It was right next to the Charles bridge too, which was cool. We had a walk around the town and to Wenceslasse square and then went for a drink, as it was getting on by this point. Had a nice meal and ended up in a cool bar looking over the river and ontp the Charles bridge. I went there on Coulsons stag do. This pic is of one of the main squares in prague.

This pic is Rissa on the Charles bridge.

This pic was our view of the castle from the bar terrace. Next stop Vienna!