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15/08/2006. We got into Cannes at about 2pm. We had to walk to the bus station and get a bus to our campsite. We had to walk quite a way in the end as we managed to get on the wrong bus, but eventually made it to the campsite. It was not as good as we were hoping but ok. We put our tent up in 2 seconds. It is so cool. Literally takes 2 seconds to put up. After getting the sorted at the site we got the bus back into town, hired a scooter and got some supplies for tea. We had a nice little picnic next to the tent.

16/08/2006. We went to the beach in the morning on the scooter. Cannes has some really nice sandy beaches, so we picked a spot and did a bit of sunbathing. It was really nice to have to scooter so we could just get up and go anywhere we wanted to. We were getting a bit hot and, just as we were thinking of having a dip in the sea, everyone started getting out of the water. There were jellyfish all over. Doh! Just when we wanted to go for a swim. Typical! We went back to the campsite for lunch and were going to use the pool but there were too many kids there, so we headed back to the beach. We found a different stretch where there were people swimming. I went in for a swim but Rissa was scared that there would be some jellyfish. I was happily swimming along, then just as I was about to get out i felt a sharp nasty pain down my side. I had been stung by a bloody jellyfish. It absolutely killed!! We did not go in the water after that. After a couple of hours of sunbathing the pain started to die down. Later on we looked around the shops in Cannes, bought some food for tea and went back to the campsite. This was our first spot where we had the tent and thats our little scooter.

This is at the beach in Cannes. The one where I got stung by the jellyfish!

This is us enjoying a drink in a bar in Cannes.