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18/08/2006. Woke up to a lovely sunny day! Woo! Even our towels had dried out. So we headed to Monaco. We had to stick to the coast as we couldn't go on the motorway. It was a really nice ride up the coast. We passed through Nice which looked really nice. It took 2 hours to get to Monaco. It looks very different than it does on TV. The hill after the start/finish line is much steeper than you think and the part after Casino square is very much down hill. It was really good to see the circuit. There were loads of people cruising around the circuit in there Ferrari's and other sports cars. There were lots of big boats in the harbour too. You could certainly tell there was alot of rich people about. After looking around the marina we had lunch and went around the circuit on the scooter. It was cool. We parked back up and went in the swimming pool. Had to pay to go in but it was really nice. Casino square was full of Ferrari's. It was busy on the way back down the coast. We almost saw a scooter crash. He was in front of us and this car just pulled out in front of him. He jammed the brakes on and I do not know how he managed to stay on but he did and swerved around the car. After that, as we were riding along I heard a big bike coming from behind and all of a sudden this bike flew past us doing a HUGE wheelie! It was Awesome!

Larissa standing next to the marina.

Here I am next to one of the many Ferrari's in Casino Square.

This is me cooling off in the Swimming pool at Monaco.