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Hvar Island

Here are some pics of us on Hvar island. 04/08/2006. We got up early to catch the ferry to Hvar. As we got on the ferry a big black cloud came over head and a thunder storm started. Chucked it down. Then half way over we spotted a huge Tornado. Then another then another...and so on. It was cool. As we got closer they got even bigger. They were touching the ground and we could see all of the water getting swirled up into the air. It was Amazing. Rissa was a little scared though. She didnt want to get blown away. We made it to the island and got a bus to the town. It is a really pretty island with lots of old buildings etc. But the beaches are still just rocks. Although the sea is really clear and nice to swim in. We just sunbathed for most of the day and ended up missing the bus we wanted to get back to the ferry. So we had to wait to catch the next one. So didnt get back until about 11pm. Thank god for Macd's being open until midnight.

Larissa posing in front of the port in Hvar.

This is the Tornado when we were on the ferry!