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01/08/2006. 10am train to Budapest. Our 3rd country on only our 8th day away. It seems like we have been away for weeks and weeks cause we have done so much. Made it to Budapest at about 1pm. Found our hostel wich was really nice. Clean and in a really good location. We headed for the river and crossed to the Buda side to look at the castle and palace. Or the Kiralyi Palace. Got some good pics of the river and city. When we came back over the river to the pest side it started to Thunder and lightening!! What a nightmare. It didnt stop raining for the rest of the night. So we got drenched. Ended up just going on the net to arange some of the rest of our trip. Doh! I am going to have to wait to until I get another cd done to put more photos on. Will probs be when we are in Italy. So only a few more days to wait. Dont get too excited!

This is the Veyron we saw in Berlin. 02/08/2006. Got up really early to try and make the most of our time in Budapest. Went to the parliment building and into St Stephens Basillica. Booked our 2 night in Venice and 2 nights in Florence so at least we have our first few days in Ital sorted. We dont think we are going to be able to go to Sardinia anymore. So we will probs just spend some more time on the coast of mainland Italy or the south of France. We caught a train at 15:15 from Budapest to Split. Only a 16 hour journey. Gets there at anout 7am. It wasnt ther best of train rides but we made it. Next stop Split!!