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25/07/2006 Hallo Hallo!! We made it here, the flight wasnt too bad. Its really hot. We had to get a train ticket to go to our hostel, bt its really hard to ask when you dont speak the language. Not all of them speak English either. How ignorant is that? Our room is really nice. There are 2 Yanks in with us. There is also one Canadian bloke who snored from 3am until 6am on our first night. He was so loud. So we had a bad nights sleep that night. Our first meal out was nice but we looked at the menu and couldnt read a thing. Then after 10 mins the waitress came over and offered us the English menu! Doh! This pic is on our first day next to the river.

26/07/2006. Like I said we had a bad night sleep because of the snoring bloke. We set off to see all of the sights. Eventually found the Brandengurg Tor(gate) which was really nice. Next to that is the Parliment building(Reichstag) which is cool too. We then had a long walk to the Tiergarten. It is soooo hot so we were knackered. On the way back I spotted a Buggati dealership so we had a look and it had a Veron in. It was cool! We also saw the museum and lots of other historical buildings. There are so many around here with lots of nice fountains etc. We went to see the last remaining part of the Berlin wall. We had to walk through this dodgy neighbourhood but we found it in the end. Was a bit strange and horrible looking. We came back to the hostel after that and had another nice meal. The language thing is getting better now. Its canny easy really. For example..... Hallo means Hello....... Ya means Yes..... Bier means Beer..... Bier Garten is Beer garden..... and so on! So im getting the hang of it! I cant put pictures on yet cause these comps dont have cd roms but ill get a chance soon. So for now you will have to put up with only my drivvel. This pic is in the grounds of the uni... can you spot Rissa??

27/07/2006. We were up quite early today and headed to the TV tower. Which is a tall tower with cool views of the city. The city looked really nice. Well most of it anyway. When we came down we went for lunch by the river. We had a Currywirst! Basically its a sausage in curry sauce. I like it but Larissa didnt. It is one of the local delicacies. After that we went for another walk around the city. We went up the parliment building and in the big glass dome ontop. Again it had cool views of the city. When we were looking for a place to eat for tea we came across some kind of protest. People were lying down on the ground with flags over them which had trees in the middle. They happened to be lying next to a really nice tree in the middle of this square so we just thought they were tree huggers and wanted to save this tree. It wasn't until we got in and spoke to our american friends that we found out it was the Lebonesse flag. Doh! Funny though. This pic is me in front of a large asprin to recognise their invention of the asprin. I think!! Next stop Prague!