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Welcome to the city of Allieria
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This site is for a town located on the Ultima Online Freeshard "Etheria"


2-21-06 - Well I'm sure everyone is wondering about the progress well.... We have made a decision and we have completly leveled our terrain, which all work which we had done has been deleted(Which is better cause before we were learning) With level terrain however within 3 days we have got more done then we have in 1 1/2 weeks with the old terrain. Thus progress is 4x faster now. Altho I am having the wierdest problem with my client as of 2 hours ago and still have not resolved the issue... well I can log in but I see trees instead of what should really be there... Hopefully I can resolve this issue and get back in and building. I will try to change the screenshots to the new town if I can ever get logged in.

2/10/06 - I know it has been awhile since the last update but my internet has been going a little crazy, hadto get it fixed. well things are back and running, and I added some screenshots of us building the town. More updates coming soon.

1/17/06 - Added a new section "Adventures of Allieria", also updated the history slightly.(Thanks to Angmar Droxia for this story). Also added biography for Freydis.

1/15/06 - Added a Kingdom guide section(Still under construction) Added Bio of Quentin.

1/14/06 - Biographies added for King Darius Drake II, Head Strategist Jack Connor, and Thagrin of Keld. History section Updated final start-up history added. Also added City Relations section. Added poll at bottom of main page.

1/12/06 - Biographies section added, not much there yet but will be updated soon. Also added a timeline, the history will be adjusted accordingly soon.

1/11/06 - Added government structure section, and screenshots section, although there are no screenshots yet. they'll be coming soon.

1/10/06 - Creation of this webpage has begun. Rough draft of the history started.

This site is moderated by Darius Drake II, You can send an e-mail at.

What Building do you feel is most needed in our town?
Start with a Barracksfor the troops!
We need a library to store our knowledge!
A market square is most important!
We want a colliseum to increase or culture and keep us entertained!
A dock and shipyard are most important!
A stables to make cavalry for the military, and make it public!
A school to educate our newcommers in various trades.
A town hall obviously!(bank included)
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