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Birth Control

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Birth Control Most women who have heterosexual sex during their reproductive years (from their first period until menopause) will become pregnant within a year if they do not use any form of birth control (also known as contraception or "BC"). However, most men and women also want to become pregnant only when they are ready—which is why 98% of women in the United States have used some form of birth control at some time in their lives. Today, there are many forms of safe and effective birth control available. In fact, with so many choices it can sometimes be hard to choose which method is best! Here are some things to think about when choosing a birth control method: • How affordable will it be? • How effective will it be? • How convenient will it be? • How easy will it be for me to use correctly and consistently? • Will it be safe for me to use? • How reversible will it be, if I want to become pregnant in the future? • Will it fit with my lifestyle? • Does it require the cooperation of my partner(s)? • Do have moral or religious beliefs against certain types of contraceptives? Do(es) my partner(s)? • Will it protect me and my partner(s) from sexually-transmitted infections (STIs)? Click on the links below to find detailed information on all safe birth control methods available in the United States today.

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