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Thursday, 15 December 2005
Today - 12-15-05
Mood:  chillin'
Today Robert changed his homepage. LOL. He took all his material off about how much he loves his psycho girlfriend. I still got power in his life. I mean if he really loves his lil chiky he wouldn't care what i say to him. Does he really love her? I don't think so, not if he's cleaning up his page about his undying love for the homewrecker.

That girl... broke up my marriage and had no mercy on my son. She has the gall to say something about me treatening my husband after she sent me an email stating if i wanted my boy, i better get him. I had no means to get him. So she finally allows my husband to bring our son back - but of course she has to come with him. He says he has no money so i told him i'd give him gas money when he dropped off our son. He takes what i could have used for groceries, and spends it at the casino, over nights in a city where his son is and leaves the next day.

But i think i got her scared and running. I told her to smarten up and keep her flappin' lips shut if she doesn't want me to call the police and have her charged with slander. Man i could get her for uttering threats, and defamation of characer, interferance...

oh well, that's what stupidity and a wanna be high school education will do for you.

Just had to vent.

Posted by planet/alanaking136 at 7:53 PM EST
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