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Why Set Up This Web Site?

The idea behind this website is to assist you in making a qualified decision on whether you should invest time and effort to create awebsite.I will try to gove both sides of the argument in an impartial manner.

You can evaluate these argument and come to arational decision .As far as posible the sole intension of this site is to prevent you investing time.effort and money in a futile and un productive situation.If however after evaluating said arguments you deside to create a website then the Links section wil provide some links to other sites that can be useful to you ,the budding webmaster.

My Usability Guide section lists out the usability factor that need to be considered when planning and designing the website.Ihope that this website will be of great use and if you find it so,please pass this site's URL(address) to afriend who may benefit from it.

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Last revised insert 05th July 2006