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Apartments In The Valley
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Off-Campus Budget


Count the cost before you decide to move off campus! Create a budget to see if you can afford the move. Moving off-campus may seem like the thing to do but make sure you can afford it. Consider the fact that campus life provides all your needs, food, rent, utilities, furniture, cable, and internet access. If you move off-campus you will have to cover all these expenses and transportation if the apartment is not within walking distance..

FVSU Tuition &Fees

FVSU 2007 Entering Class Guaranteed Tuition Rate and Fees

FVSU Returning Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Schedule 2006-2007 & Summer 2007

Sample Fall Semester Budget

Rent   (for 5 months)  
Food (for 5 months)  
Utilities (for 5 months)  
Total-Add these together.  
Total Financial Aid  
Compare to Total Cost of staying on campus.