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Erika Vargas


Some schools where you can go study in Washington

Eastern Washington University Western Washington University
University Washington Central Washington University

What is Geology?
Geology is a major area of scientific study and is under the branch
of Earth Sciences also referred to as Geoscience. The fieldof Geology
fundamentally deals with history of the earth as recorded in rocks.
In industry geologists examine mineral deposits and rocks and
assess their value,this may include coal and other valuable deposits.

What do Geologists do?
Geologists are employed to do many things. Below are some of the
wide range of tasks geologists are employed to do, they include:

*Exploring for petroleum, mineral and coal deposits.
*Laboratory analysis of soils, fossils, water and minerals.
*Geological studies in regional area.
*Environmental impacts in relation to earth sciences
including effects of excavating and mining.
*Geological High-tech research.
*Investment advice in relation to rocks and mineral deposits prospecting.
*Advice in construction of dams or tunnels.
*Search for Underground water.

Where Geologists find employment?
Geologists can find employment in most fields related to the environment,
more specifically it is common most geologists find employment in:
*Mineral exploration
*Energy exploration
*Environmental organizations
*Government (Federal, State)
*Regional Construction(Dams,Tunnels)

Qualifications for Geology.
Students may study geology through the Earth Sciences department or
Science department at most universities and colleges. The qualification
is usually carried out through a Bachelor of Science degree with a major
in Geology. Throughout their degree students will learn basics of a science
degree including biology, chemistry, mathematics and in combination with
their geology major, learn techniques that will be invaluable as a scientist
including laboratory analysis techniques.