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9. Power of Duplication
10. Be Patient and Persistent

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Gery Carson
I can't begin to tell you what an exciting business opportunity the company that I am affiliated with is offering. I have done a lot of shopping around on the internet for turnkey opportunities that were inexpensive to start-up, and easy to operate, but never could quite find that needle in a hay stack. That was up until I discovered SFI.

Not only does SFI offer these two incredible benefits, but it also generates residual income for you, step-by-step training, free marketing strategies & administrative support, free Marketing aids (sample ads, articles, banners) to help you promote your business, free Gateway Websites for selling SFIMG products & promoting the SFIMG opportunity, automatic affiliate and prospect follow ups, a lucrative Compensation Plan with Retail Sales earnings of 40% of Commission Volume (CV), Bonuses, and more. They even offer you a FREE website.

It is also the only network marketing program that I've run across on the internet so far that actually has businesses within the business. That means that, if, for whatever reason, you don't think that you can operate this business from its surface programs, services, and products (including CELL PHONES, BROADBAND TELEPHONE SERVICES, BROADBAND ISP and more!!!), it has a multitude of other opportunities structured within it where you are certain to find a niche you are comfortable with.

If you have a desire to become financially independent, then, without a doubt, this is the one that you've been looking for. And....the odds are much greater that you will achieve that independence in a shorter period of time than you realize. One of the main reasons for that is because it is on the internet. That means that it is worldwide, with affiliates all over the world. In fact, most of the affiliates in my downline are not from the US.

This business is completely internet and system driven. You don't mail anything, you don't fax anything, you don't call anyone! It is completely automated, a business that I have dreamed of for the last twenty years. And finally it has arrived.

You owe it to yourself to check it out. Then, once you've done that, you can test drive it for FREE.  You will find it to be a win-win situation (you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain). In 1 to 3 years you can generate an income that is comparable enough for you to fire your boss, and you can build it without interfering with your present job. It only requires a few hours per day.

I strongly urge you to take a look at this program, and you will agree with me that it's the best business opportunity you've ever seen, by far. After you've studied it, and evaluated it, then go to the URL link below, click on it, then join the program NOW. Most likely, you'll be working under my sponsorship on my team. So come on aboard and let's make some money together. There's lots of it to be made. And as a complimentary gift, please accept a FREE coupon on me!