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Welcome to the world of Artist Arthur Brown Jr...where realism and surrealism combine to create dreamscapes empowered with cultural images from his past to inspire our visions of tomorrow.  From Arthur's hands come prints of uncommon beauty, spirituality and pride.

While always naturally artistic, he did not pursue his talents until he was incarcerated.  For years not being able to give his mother anything but cards for Mother's Day he decided to try his hand at making a special gift of art for her special day.

"Drawing is my passion, it is my escape from a chaotic world.  In art, I find the essence of life in its purest form.  I try to reach into the souls of people and touch on emotions.  If I can do this without sacrificing my artistic integrity, then my quest is complete.  For better or worse these aspects of my life has become the foundation of my art.  Thanks for the opportunity to present it to you."

Though his original drawings unavailable for sale, the high-quality color prints he offers allow him to make his work accessible to the general public at prices all can afford.

He's a realist as well as a cubist/impressionist.  His medium of choice is prints through the use of pen, pencil and color pencil.

Through his art, we can all be nostalgic and think about how life used to it should be...and how it is.