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You might be wondering what 767 means, right?  Well I cant tell you.  But I can tell you somewhat we are all about.767 is a way my friends and I expressing ourselves.  We have been friends since we were 11 years old.  We all grew up in Palm Desert together going to elementary, middle and high school together.  We have managed to stay close through everything.  During high school we all played sports together, football and basketball.  I think that this helped to keep us close over the years. 

When we graduated from high school we all went our separate ways.  I went off to Santa Barbara to go to school while Chase went to the University of Arizona and Todd went Pepperdine.  Although we were far apart we managed to find ways to hangout.  Chase sand I spent two years at our respective schools.  While we were there we were having a good time but felt like we would have more fun if we all lived together, so we left.

I moved down to Los Angeles to attend California State University Northridge and Chase attended the University of Southern California.  With Todd still attending Pepperdine all three of our schools were very far apart.  We then decided on an area that was towards the middle of all three of the schools, which took us to Santa Monica where we lived together up until three months ago when Todd moved to Hong Kong to work for K2. 

It has been a long journey and we have done a lot.  I don't see our friendship separating even though we are all getting ready to graduate.  Since Todd has left to Hong Kong, Chase and I have already gone to visit him.  You can see pictures from this trip all throughout the website.