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                 The 59th Engineering Assembly

                                                                                                            engineering the future, today.

     About us....



The 59th Engineering Assembly is the major organization of all undergraduate engineering students of De La Salle University-Manila bearing identification numbers starting with 104. The batch assembly is actively participating in activities that promote student's rights and welfare and continuously involving itself in outreach programs that foster social transformation. The batch assembly is fully committed in providing service and programs that cater to the holistic development of its members. Furthermore, the batch assembly, together with the rest of the Student Council will lead the actualization of the Lasallian engineer's inherent responsibility of effecting change for the betterment of the country. As empowered Lasallian Engineering students, we shall be the forefront in actualizing a progressive and excellent Filipino nation.




For more information, kindly write or email to:

The 59th Engineering Assembly

SPS 302 Brother Connon Hall

2401 Taft Avenue

Malate, Manila, Philippines

Tel no. +63 5244611 loc 734













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