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             The 59th Engineering Assembly

                                                                                               engineering the future, today.




On Sponsorships



Companies and external institutions play an important role in the realization of our projects. Through their assistance, financial and logistics wise, the batch assembly should be able to deliver the activities and programs with quality the members truly deserve. We therefore encourage corporations and companies to extend assistance to the batch assembly through sponsorships. Project tie-ups are also highly encouraged. However, for the purpose of protecting the interest of the batch assembly, certain conditions should be properly observed under project sponsorship. This will advance mutual benefits for both parties. For the list of our projects, applicability of sponsorship, proposals and for more information you may write or email to us through:



The 59th Engineering Assembly

SPS 302 Brother Connon Hall

2401 Taft Avenue

Malate, Manila, Philippines

Tel no. +63 5244611 loc 734



















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