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                        The 59th Engineering Assembly

                                                                                                                  engineering the future, today.



                       Legislative Affairs Committee



The Legislative Affairs Committee is the Legislative Arm of the Assembly is under the direct supervision of the Batch's Legislative Assembly Representatives. Its main goals are to ensure effectiveness and professionalism within the assembly aside from assisting in the Enrollment and Adjustment and be in-charge in the advocacy campaign of the assembly. The Advocacy team of the committee shall be tasked in information dissemination especially on the important resolutions passed by the Legislative Assembly pertinent to the needs of the batch, university issues and national issues to keep the batch abreast with the latest developments not only inside the university but to the outside society as well. The enrollment/adjustment team on the other  hand is compelled to assist the members of the batch in their enrollment and/or adjustment procedures. The committee shall keep track on the subjects that will be dissolved and opened that are relevant to the batch. Finally the rules and ethics team shall discuss and decide on matters relating to the conduct and responsibilities of the officers and members of the Batch Assembly, including the cases of impeachment of the members of the Executive Board and dismissal from office of the officers. The committee is under the supervision of its Vice President and three Assistants to the Vice President representing the different subgroups of the committee.











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