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    The 59th Engineering Assembly

                                                                               engineering the future, today.


   Featured Project: The Balud Project



              The Balud Project is an international program with a vision of total development of poor communities of the world. The project is run by an international group. The most active volunteers come from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Philippines, Japan, USA, Malaysia, and Poland. The project is chaired by Dr. Thijs Kouwenhoven from the University of Sheffield, England and University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Here in the Philippines, the project is also participated by the University of the Philippines and De La Salle University (through the 59th Engineering Assembly).

              It was planned that a small library for Balud Elementary school be built. The presence of textbooks, reading books, and informational books will improve the education and future prospect of the young students. As Barangay Balud is located along the main road of Samar, it is easy to reach, and presence of the libary will further support the development of students on other schools of Basay municipality and beyond.

                As English/Filipino language books are not available in most European countries. The costs of worldwide transport of second-hand is very expensive, more expensive than buying new books. Therefore book donation activities will be spearheaded in the Philippines by the batch assembly.

                  The project provides an opportunity for the members of the batch to experience the concept of world peace through international cooperation and development.






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