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                        The 59th Engineering Assembly

                                                                                                                  engineering the future, today.


             Activities Committee



The Activities Committee is in-charge of implementing activities and programs that cater to the holistic development of the batch. To ensure effectiveness, the committee is divided into three subcommittees: Socio Civic, Batch Events and Sports. The Socio Civic Group will implement programs that are relevant to the current social needs and promotes the sense of volunteerism in the batch such as outreach, medical/dental missions, tutorials to public schools, to name a few. The Batch Events Group shall commence programs that will ensure the connectivity within the batch such as gathering events, parties and such. Furthermore, the committee will be in charge in the preparation of seminars, symposia and Focused Group Discussions (FGD’s). The Sports Group is in-charge of implementing sports-related activities. All in all, the committee is headed by the Vice President on Academics and under him/her are the three Assistant to the Vice President (AVP's) of their respective subgroups









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