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50 cent web

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.My name is 50cent.And yes,I'm a dog.My life is very dull,except when i get fed,or when i get to go outside.On a leash. But i don't live inside the house...Oh no,I live on the back of the house.Next to the kitchen.Punishment i guess.I love my security,don't get me wrong.I just would give it all just to be free.To be able to roam with no chains,no set routine.I'm getting old here.I wish I could be a puppy again.It was like heaven.No rules for me or boundaries.I guess I'm lucky.I get fed and protected.But I'm not free.So i've decided to make my scape.But where should I go? I guess I've got a lot to think....:{

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