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Ball State Universtiy
Bethel College
Indiana University
Pepsi Class Project

Class Project: Explore a Job

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Electronic Commerce Gateway (ECG) Baseline Analyst

Job Description

The ECG Support Analyst monitors the production e-commerce processes on a 24 x 7 basis. Also, the analyst is responsible for analyzing production issues. He is also responsible for developing and executing iterative system testing with applications. In addition, he resolves routine transmission and translation problems.

Job Skills
  • Understanding of programming concepts and project methodology.
  • Exposure to scripting on AIX and use TSO on MVS.
  • Experience with file transfers and network communications.
  • Ability to work independently on all three platforms(VAN, AS2, FTP).

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    Pay Range

    CollegesDegreeArea of StudyName of School

    Ball State University

    Bachelors Degree
    Computer Technology
    Miller College of Business

    Bethel College

    A minimum of 2 year degree
    Computer Technology
    Business Department

    Indiana University

    Bachelors Degree
    Computer Technology
    Kelly School of Business

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