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so [this] is my website. i was .pretty. bored so i decided to make it. anyway this is all about ME::

I LOVE::pink:talking:sleeping:eating:talking:rain:the smell of coffee:friends:mini skirts:music:writing:pepsi:pictures:taking pictures:long hair:hello kitty:my baby sister, molly:money:popcorn:macaroni&cheese:shopping at target:talking:shoes:fluffy things:and the most important things::sex and me::

I DON'T LOVE::people who are fake and mean and think they're better than everyone else::

LOVE::i have been in love exactly one time. it's the most wonderful thing in the whole world and it will break your heart. but it's fantastic. i've loved and i've lost love, but that's ok because i feel like i'm one of the luckiest people in the world to have loved::

GAY RIGHTS::i think that gay people are the same as straight people. they should have all the same rights as straight people. marriage is not about the love between a man and a woman. it's about the love between two people that want to share it with everyone::

ABORTION::i do not agree with abortion. i think a woman should have the right to choose what they do with their body. but i do not agree with it. with that said, i could sit here and say i would never get an abortion until i'm blue in the face. but i've never been in that situation and i can't say what i would do. but i feel i should have the right to choose::

ME::i get attached to people easily and it's hard to say goodbye. i talk too much and i act retarded. i get distracted way too easily. half the time i distract myself. i have to have bright colors in my life because i love bright colors. my favorite month is october because that's my birthday month. i love spring time. warm weather is much much much better than cold weather. i am my favorite person in the world. i'm the funniest person that i know. i'm fabulous.

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