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One of the two burnt Cane rats
The Great fire of 2011 (September) Gordon Park Matopos Zimbabwe
With thanks to photographer N.Scott for sending this in
...At well number three, Sean my nephew had the previous Wednesday shown me two dead cane rats, no doubt caught in the inferno whilst scampering from their feeding grounds for the safety of the river. Now these carcasses had been scavenged by some predator in nature's clean up operation. Large trunks of trees felled in the fire are still smoldering. The only visible life is that of a lone Fish Eagle perched motionless on the leafless branch of a scorched tree next to a pool of dirty water in the river. The landscape resembles that of a lifeless moon, with the bare rugged dry dongas etched out of the higher flat ground showing up starkly as they enter the Mtsheleli river. Everything is black, a dense black, a numbed silence; in a macabre way, strangely beautiful...