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The Stables. Gordon Park Headquarters. Built in 19... of brick and concrete to avoid the problems of hungry white ants and bush fires. "This building consisted of 5 bedrooms, a Common Room (Lounge/dining room/fire place), bathroom and an interleading cloakroom which contained two large handbasins. Thus the Training Teams were accompanied in considerable comfort. The bricks for this building were transported in the truck by Mike George, George Gibson and other Rovers from the Commonage Rangerís place. Loads were sometimes prepared in the morning before work and taken to the Park after work where skipper prepared a meal for the Rovers. Sometimes unloading was done after sunset with the aid of a pressure lamp." --From the book "GORDON PARK"
...all under a corrugated tin roof and unlike buildings in Europe, notice the air vents above the doors and windows (in the top corners of each room). The Stables open onto a long veranda, headed by a rockery maintained over the years by folk like Mrs Carlisle, Mrs Scott, Mrs Moloney to mention but a few... I like to think the standing tap was placed a few meters away from the rockery to torment the plants during the 6mths drought each year..
With thanks to Norman Scott for sending the photo in - 4 Mar 2012.