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The "Great Pyrenees Of South Mountain", are
located in the South Mountains of North Carolina
outside a small town called Casar. We have been
raising Great Pyrenees now for over six years
as well as Fullblood Boer Goats. We bought our
ranch in January 2000 and started raising Llamas.
After a year of snorting & spitting we decided to
try something different. We settled on Boer Goats
and immediately fell in love with those cute little
baby goats. We knew that goats were our destiny but
was then confronted with a new problem.

Here in the South Mountains we have such predators
as Coyotes, Black Bear, Bobcats, Red Tailed Hawks,
and of course the most vicious and common, is the
neighborhood hoodlum dog that is allowed to run
wild by his owners and runs in packs with other
trouble making dogs from the hood. These dogs seem
to like to kill for the sport of it, so they are
especially dangerous. Anyway, we had never had a
goat killed but we decided it would be to our herds
advantage to look into it.

After looking in to the various herd protectors
out there, which include Llamas, Donkeys, and other
dog breeds, we decided the Great Pyrenees was the
most beautiful and imposing protector out there. So
we bought Delilah at 8 weeks of age and fell in love
with this awesome breed. We then purchased Sleeping
Bear and Frostfire at the age of 14 months each. We
then purchased Daisy and kept Angel out of Delilahs
last litter. We are about to have our Twenty fifth litter
and we're just as excited about this one as we were
the first.

This may seem bias coming from a breeder of
Great Pyrenees but it is my experienced opinion that
the Great Pyrenees dog is the best livestock guardian
available. What sets them apart even further is that
when they're not guarding their herd, they're one of
the most gentle dogs I've ever come in contact with,
which makes them great pets as well. If the Pyrenees
is purchased for the sole purpose of a pet, it merely
transfers that natural guarding instinct to their
owners. The Great Pyrenees are great with children as
well which will set a parent's mind at ease when they
are searching for that perfect family pet.

The Pyrenees is fastly becoming a more popular
dog in the United States. More & More people are
buying them for pets. In the four previous litters
we've had, about half went for pets and the other
half guards, which is saying alot considering the
number of Goat & Sheep farmers we have here in North
Carolina and the demand for herd protectors. All I
know is that I sleep well at night knowing my very
expensive goats are being guarded by my Pyrenees and
I know you will sleep well too with this tenacious dog
guarding your flock, or your family. That is if you
choose to add one of these gentle giants known as
the GREAT PYRENEES to your family.
Thankyou For Visiting Our Site.

Tim & Rhonda Barrett
Great Pyrenees of South Mountain