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Peasant Drinks

Peasant Drinks

The most famous of all Peasant drinks, is that of Sul Paga. A stilled drink that is made from the yellow starchy sul. Known as the most potent drink on Gor itself.

“Sul paga, as anyone knew, is seldom available outside of a peasant village, where it is brewed. Sul paga would slow a tharlarion. To stay on your feet after a mouthful of Sul paga it is said one must be of the peasants, and then for several generations. And even then, it is said, it is difficult to manage. There is a joke about the baby of a peasant father being born drunk nine months later.”
- Slave Girl of Gor

""Excellent," said my master, sipping the Sul paga. He could have been commenting only on the potency of the drink, for Sul paga is almost tasteless. One does not guzzle Sul paga. Last night one of the men had held my head back and forced me to swallow a mouthful. In moments things had gone black, and I had fallen unconscious. I had awakened only this morning, ill, miserable, with a splitting headache, chained with the other girls."
-Slavegirl of Gor

Being the workers of the land. It would only be obvious to know that they would also make their own juices. Possibly even their own wine.

"'You will work, eat, drink juice, sleep, dream and excrete upon my command,' he said.
'Yes, Master!' we said."
- Kajira of Gor

"After the meal I tasted the drink, which might not inappropriately be described as an almost incandescent wine, bright, dry, and powerful. I learned later it was called Ka-la-na. While I ate, and afterwards, my father spoke."
- Tarnsman of Gor

"Kal-da is a hot drink, almost scalding, made of diluted Ka- la-na wine, mixed with citrus juices and stinging spices. I did not care much for this mouth-burning concoction, but it was popular with some of the lower castes, particularly those who performed strenuous manual labor. I expected its popularity was due more to its capacity to warm a man and stick to his ribs, and to its cheapness (a poor grade of Ka- la-na wine being used in its brewing) than to any gustatory excellence. But I reasoned on this night of all nights, this cold, depressing wet night, a cup of Kal-da might go well indeed."
- Outlaw of Gor

As well having at times, different forms of milk from the various animals they kept in their villages.

"When the meat was ready Kamchak ate his fill, and drank down, too, a flagon of bosk milk; I did the same, though the milk, at least for me, did not sit too well with the Paga of the afternoon."
- Nomads of Gor

"...the milking of verr and kaiila. Too, she was taught the churning of milk in skin bags."
- Tribesmen of Gor

" the survival of the animal; kaiila milk, which is used, like verr milk, by the peoples of the Tahari, is reddish, and has a strong, salty taste."
- Tribesmen of Gor

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