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Useful web sites, from AlterNet to Zmagazine:

AlterNet: This is one of the best sites on the Internet for finding alternative information.  Articles from such publications as LA Weeklyappear here, as well as AlterNet's own journalistic work.

Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life : The term "bad subjects" comes from Louis Althusser, the French critical theorist.  Bad subjects are those who refuse to accept the coercion of "ideological state apparatuses," refuse to submit to hegemonic oppression.  This cultural studies journal mixes political theory with popular culture studies.

Mother Jones: MJ is a wonderful source for alternative labor politics, along with other alternative cultural views.

The Nation: The Nationis the longest-running left-wing periodical in the U.S., and it is now available on-line.  The U.S.'s most influential intellectuals in leftist, progressive, and alternative politics publish their views in The Nation, including Edward W. Said, Katrina vanden Heuval, Christopher Hitchins, and Patricia Williams.

PeaceNet: PeaceNet provides links to other sites; it's a kind of gateway to progressive causes on the Internet, including environmentalism, women's rights, and anti-globalization.

Zmagazine: This long-established monthly is among the best sources for alternative and progressive journalism on the Internet.