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Our aims:

    The Emporia Peace Project is an organization formed after the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001.  EPP has been organized by students and faculty of Emporia State University, as well as residents of Emporia, who are concerned about the U.S. government's impulsive move toward war as a solution to the nation's—and the world's—present situation.

    Among our aims is to offer alternative information and news to those who believe that mainstream news media have been by and large fanning the flames of martial discourse and one of its by-products, ethnic hate.  We are particularly interested in providing support to those who may face social confrontation as a result of personal demonstrations of dissent.

    Another aim is to collectivize, to show solidarity during the sudden appearence of rhetoric asserting that to be "American" is to be "unified" in war consensus.  Our organization, as do many throughout the nation, demonstrates that war consensus is a myth.  We voice dissent at the local level.

    A third aim is to provide information and support to international students and residents in the present climate.

We welcome your participation:

    All are welcome to join EPP.  Simply contact us by clicking on this link: email.  We invite anyone interested in learning about alternatives to war and solely unilateral militaristic solutions to the present global crisis.

    Moreover, all are welcome to send the addresses of useful web sites for our pages.  Web sites sent to us will be reviewed by the EPP Executive Board before being put up on the site.

Useful web sites, from AlterNet to Zmagazine:
Commentaries especially collected for this site
KPFK Los Angeles and KPFA Berkeley: Pacifica radio provides alternative news and programming.  If you haven't listened to radio on the Internet yet, the web site provides instructions on how to download materials you will need to do so. Sign a petition calling for peace:
Act for Change

This web site provides several petitions for peace, including "Call for Peace & Justice."