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  The Honorable Barbara Lee
  U.S. House of Representatives
  426 Cannon House Office Building
  Washington, DC 20515

  Dear Representative Lee:

  The Black Radical Congress salutes you for your courageous
  stand in opposing the House resolution to provide the U.S.
  President carte blanche in responding militarily to the
  horrific events of September 11, 2001. It is an infamous act
  of violence that brings grief and fear to all decent people
  at home and abroad. While most of our elected officials beat
  the war drums and promise to spill the blood of even more
  people - somewhere, or anywhere - it takes a person with an
  extraordinary level of integrity and political grit to stand
  alone against the jingoism that is sweeping the nation. You
  are proving to have such courage and we are proud that you
  have raised your voice for peace and justice at this time
  of crisis.

  Please rest assured that you speak for thousands of people
  in this country who agree "that military action will not
  prevent further acts of international terrorism against the
  United States," as you put it in your intrepid argument
  against the race toward war.

  In the years to come, we are sure that your name will shine
  brightly as a beacon of rationality and the lone voice of
  conscience in the halls of the U.S. Congress, at a critical
  time in our nation's history.

  We will be doing everything in our power to activate our
  membership and our friends in the struggle for peace in the
  days to come. It is good to know we have such an ally in