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Well as some of you already know, I lost my Site some time back when the hosting company went into receivership.
I hope to resurrect it some day, but it may take a while, so please be patient.

I started this site early in 2003 as a page where I could display a 'few' photographs of my family, pets, friends and places I've lived in, or visited over the years, but somehow or other that initial 'Page' (like Topsy) 'Just growed and growed' !
It currently has over 40 pages in 8 different sections,(It DID) several Slide Shows,(which actually work SOMETIMES!) and a Discussion/Chat Forum, with more items being added all the time. It also features links to other sites both here in Wales and other parts of the world, so whatever your interests,I hope that you'll find SOMETHING here to whet your appetite. Enjoy your visit !

Memories of Fishguard.
The photo below is the first one that I ever took using colour film. It shows my parents and my first dog Jill on the beach at Fishguard.It was taken in June 1959 when I was 9 years old !

Slide Show 1.


Slide Show 2.


Slide Show 3.

Snow 2010.

Slide Show 4.


Slide Show 5.

North Pembrokeshire.

Slide Show 6.

South Pembrokeshire.

Slide Show 7.

Sonny and Sam.

Slide Show 8.